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Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc provide clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are receiving the best in professional experience and expertise. As independent insurance agents with over 35 years of  industry experience, Western Gold professionals know what it takes to connect their clients with the carriers, and to policies, that will serve their needs best, protecting the things that are most dear to them

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The Many Advantages of the Independent Insurance Agent

Independent agents control their insurance accounts and records, including renewals on policies they have sold.  If the agent ceases to sell for a particular insurance company, the agent still has rights with his active accounts, and may place them with another insurer.  Independent agents are in competition with exclusive agents who work for and are salaried by one insurance company.  The independent agent, with his or her access to multiple insurance markets and products, has a competitive advantage in selling commercial lines of insurance.  Trade organizations such as the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, support and assist the independent agent, such as those at the Golden West Insurance Agency Inc.

Using an agent to assist you in your insurance purchase, has distinct advantages.  The agent is a legal representative for you with the insurance company.  Licensed by the state in which you bought the insurance, the western gold Insurance Agency Inc. agent has the fiduciary responsibility to advocate for you, putting your interests first.  Even though your agent may be paid by an insurance company, his duty is to put your interests first.  An independent agent can quickly check prices and coverage options with an incredible number of different carriers.  The independent agent can, thusly, get you a better deal than you can get for yourself, even from the direct option you have considered using for yourself.  The independent agent sells a variety of coverages, from auto insurance to homeowners, renters, health and life, business insurance, etc.  At no extra cost, the independent agent can assist you in handling all your insurance coverage needs in one place.

Different Permutations of the Group Dental Plan Benefits

As an added plus to an employer’s health benefits package, Group Dental Insurance can be added as an option, or in the event dental is not available at work, individual dental insurance can be accessed. When families do not have dental insurance, the high cost of even routine annual exams stands in the way of ensuring the family has healthy teeth and gums.   Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. can discuss the option of a freedom-of-choice dental plan, wherein the holder can choose any dentist for care. With waiting periods for some types of dental work, this plan is more desirable for long term coverage. For those who need more constant dental coverage, conventional dental plans may be a more viable option. The Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agent can confer with clients as to what option will work best for them.

Employees of companies which offer Group Dental benefit from constantly available coverage. Increasingly however, employers offer dental coverage as a voluntary option the employee pays for through deductions from his or her compensation. Group Dental plans often offer a number of free cleanings and exams per year, and partial coverage for different types of dental work. Some employers may have a buy-up plan, wherein the employer has purchased a base dental coverage plan, and the employee may choose and customize a dental plan which best suits his and his family’s needs. Golden West Insurance Agency Inc. has access to various dental plans, to suit the needs of the employer, the employee and the individual family and its needs.